Choose the Dallas EMBA that offers the most comprehensive China network in the
Southwest, an Asian Business Studies Graduate Certificate, a price that makes
sense and a schedule that is workable for busy Dallas EMBA students. Choose UT Arlington.

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Personal interviews for the 2015-16 program are now being conducted by the UTA EMBA Recruiter, John Laudenslager.

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To schedule a personal meeting or for program information call or email John Laudenslager at 817-272-0654 or

Call any time to speak with a UT Arlington EMBA representative.

John Laudenslager

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Fort Worth EMBA classes are held every other Friday night and Saturday in downtown Fort Worth at the historic Santa Fe Railroad Station.

aacsb accreditedread about salary increases
The UT Arlington EMBA in Dallas not only helped
catapult me to a great, Fortune 50 company
— it also put me in position to move to various
positions within that company — with salary
to match each step of the way.

BRETT TOWNSEND | 2008 EMBA Graduate, Director of Strategy and Insights, PepsiCo
Brett Townsend

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